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Protection Of Critical Infrastructure & Key installations.


The primary task of the General Directorate of Guards is the protection of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and key installations.  

The process of protection is risk based.  Security plans, based on threat & risk assessments, ensure that the highest standards of security and protection are deployed to ensure the smooth functioning of critical infrastructure free from disruption or harm.


Protection of Royal Palaces


The General Directorate of Guards, in co-operation with other security organizations, provides security protection to the palaces of His Majesty the King and other members of the Royal Family.     

Apart from routine security and protection duties the General Directorate is also involved in dealing with major events and functions which take place in the Royal palaces, often including special VIP guests to the Kingdom.


Diplomatic protection. 


The United Nations convention on diplomatic protection (1973) authorizes the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in particular the General Directorate of Guards, to take such steps as are necessary for the protection and security of embassies, diplomatic missions, residences and regional offices of certain international organizations.





The General Directorate of Guards is keen to maximize its efficiency and professionalism in every way, particularly by training as follows:


Firstly: Guards Recruit Training Centre (GRTC).

The General Directorate enthusiastically seeks to continually improve levels of skill, professional competence and operational readiness by providing specialized training to staff.   ‘Train to Task’ courses focus on the specific skills required for particular types of operational task.




Secondly: Guards Training School (GTS).

The General Directorate of Guards is responsible for the training, qualification and regulation of the private security industry in order to ensure that minimum professional standards are met before a security guard is deployed on duty.

The GTS training includes theoretical classroom learning and practical exercises designed to imbue a sense of responsibility and the practical skills necessary to ensure that guarded locations, and the people in them, remain safe and secure.

GTS training deals in detail with the importance of emergency planning and evacuation, powers of arrest, dealing with suspects, general security duties and the importance of developing partnership relations with other security authorities.

GTS training programs are accredited by an internationally recognized British training quality authority; the City & Guilds of London Institute which assures the highest international standards of training.