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About the Directorate



The first official security organization for carrying out guarding duties in the Kingdom of Bahrain was at the beginning of the 20th Century in the reign of Sheik Isa bin Ali Al- Khalifa.   The ‘Public Security’ underwent many changes and developments as follows:




1. The first guarding services were  provided by the Public Security to the Royal family and commercial markets at the beginning of the 20th Century.


2. In 1937 the first ‘Nomadic Police Department’ was formed with responsibility for protection of coastal and oil installations. The department was based in the Police Fort.


3. In 1956 a Police training school was established which formed the basic 

foundation of the Police service and mobile Police patrols were commenced in Bahrain in the same year.


4. In 1970 a number of new sections and departments were introduced for the specific protection of key installations (critical infrastructure) and oil wells.  

Police foot patrols were introduced at this time across various areas of Bahrain.




5. In 1996 Decree No. 29 was issued by the Amir to reorganize the Ministry of Interior and establish a ‘General Directorate of Training & Guards’.

The guarding of royal and prime ministerial palaces was added to the duties of the guards at that time.In addition to guarding the General Directorate was also tasked with Diplomatic Protection and the management of training activities at this time.


6. By 2004 a Royal decree was issued reorganizing the Ministry of Interior and separating the training and guarding tasks and renaming the guards organization the ‘General Directorate of Guards’. The reorganized departments of the new General Directorate were;


·           Royal Guards Directorate

·           Prime Ministerial Guards Directorate.

·           General Guards Directorate.

·           Special Guards Directorate.

·           Administrative affairs section.

·           Police Fort security section.

·           Operations section.

·           Training branch



7. In 2007 by the implementation of the law 24/2006 a ‘Private Security Industry Act’  was created and HE the Minister issued Ministerial Order No. 36/2007 authorising the General Directorate of Guards to regulate the security industry.


8.  As a result of the regulation of the security industry a Ministerial Decree was issued in 2007 for the opening of a ‘Guards Training School’  for the training of private security guards. The school opened in Hidd and received the first batch of trainee security guards.   









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